3-5-18stereo 3D!
Man Killer Monday

3-2-18stereo 3D!
Cat-Bot contemplates the mechanical mouse.

12-11-16stereo 3D!
Sunday Fluff XLVII

4-25-16stereo 3D!
Space Priest is all alone.

3-4-15stereo 3D!
Bubbly Wednesday

2-8-15stereo 3D!
Sunday Fluff XLVI

2-7-15stereo 3D!
Is it to early for spring cleaning?

2-5-15stereo 3D!
An apple a day?

6-4-14stereo 3D!
Angry Kettle reflects.

11-18-13stereo 3D!
Floating through Monday

7-28-13stereo 3D!
It's a worm hat party.

3-26-13stereo 3D!
Bubble-Bot doesn't understand it's crush on you.

3-4-13stereo 3D!
Not feeling so super right now.

7-30-12stereo 3D!
I'm going to get there.

4-8-12stereo 3D!
Sunday Fluff XLV

3-26-12stereo 3D!
The Creature forgot how cold his home was.

5-15-11stereo 3D!
Sunday Fluff XLIV

5-9-11 stereo 3D!
Little Master says, "Bring it Roland!"

8-8-10 stereo 3D!
Sunday Fluff XLIII

6-18-09 stereo 3D!
Dead Space

4-1-09 stereo 3D!
I saw you in the kitchen.

two heads
3-25-09 stereo 3D!
You can't have two heads.

It sure is dead around here.

I don't like your monkey.

Sunday Fluff XLII

Janet, I still want to be your Zombie Queen.

I want to be your Zombie Queen.

Sunday Fluff XLI

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